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Sony HDR-HC3 

Product description

Even the home video enthusiasts are impressed with the range of recording capabilities offered by the HDR-HC3 Handycam® camcorder. With HD and SD Recording Modes, you can make the move to HD while retaining compatibility with standard definition equipment. The HC3 sets the industry standard in resolution quality with its ClearVid CMOS Image Sensor™, capturing precise detail and superior color reproduction. Dual Record Mode lets you capture 2.3 Megapixel stills while shooting high definition video. Product information provided by the manufacturer.

Display Screen Type LCD Does the camera have an LCD-screen?
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a screen made of buoyant crystal. These screens are very flat and small which makes them perfect for use as screen ... More infoLCD size2.7 inchThe size of the camcorders LCD screen. LCD resolution211200 pixelsResolution in pixels of the camcorders LCD screen. Image resolutionNumber of effective pixels2.1 MegapixelsMore important to note than total or megapixels, this is the actual number of pixels that can be used for recording an image. Number of total pixels2.0 MegapixelsThe number of total pixles indicates the number of light sensors on the imaging chip, while number of effective pixels shows how many are actually used. Progressive scan for photosNoWith a progressive shutter the image is captured in one sweep, in opposite to an interlaced mode where every second line is recorded in one sweep and the remaining lines in the following sweep. With p ... More infoVideoHigh Definition RecordingYes (1280x720) Recording formatMini DVWhat is the recording format of the video camera?
VHS-C - VHS-Compact format. Like a traditional VHS cassette only smaller. The same resolution as traditional VHS.
8 mm - A small ... More infoSensorSensor typeCMOSIndicates the type of sensor the camera uses, normally "CCD" Lens/ZoomDigital Zoom80 xIndicates the digital zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture is enlarged thanks to digital technology. Optical zoom10 xIndicates the optical zoom capacity, the number of times that the picture can be enlarged with the optics of the camera. Auto focusYesWorks similar to the human eye, focusing on the main object that you are filming automatically. Auto-focus can be "passive" or "active" Active systems are called active because they send out a signal ... More infoManual focusYesindicates if the camera has a manual focus option so that the user can set the focus accordingly. Night shotYesNight shot is a feature that uses infared to give you a better picture when filming at night. Image stabilizationYes (Digital)Image stabilization handles unwanted vibration. This keeps your videos stable when filming in bumpy environments such as moving cars, etc. Viewfinder, displayViewfinder colorColortells if the camcorders viewfinder is color. Viewfinder resolution123000 pixelsindicates the resolution of the camcorders viewfinder. ConnectionsBluetoothNoDoes the camcorder have Bluetooth connection?
Bluetooth is a wireless high-speed connection for different kinds of data. This means that you don’t have to connect your digital camcorder to your ... More infoUSBYesIndicates if the camera has a USB connection. LANC or Control-L portYesAllows you to plug the camcorder into your computer. Power sourceBattery life105 minutesIndicates how long a full charged battery will last. StorageInbuilt MemoryNo AudioSoundStereoA video camera plays either in mono or stereo sound. Stereo sound creates a greater audio experience. MeasuresWeight (lb)1.23 lb RelatedManufacturerSony Other product namesSony HDR-HC3, Sony HDR-HC3, Sony+HDR-HC3, HDR-HC3+Sony, best price on Sony HDR-HC3, Sony HDR-HC3 reviews, Sony HDR-HC3 consumer reviews, lowest price on Sony HDR-HC3, Sony HDR-HC3 tv, Sony HDR-HC3 television, compare prices on Sony HDR-HC3  

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